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Tabula Rasa NoHo

2021 Domaine Mont de Marie 'Anatheme'

2021 Domaine Mont de Marie 'Anatheme'

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A blend of Aramon, Grenache, Cinsault, Carignan co-planted in decomposed granite and gravel in the clearing of a forest in the small commune of Souvignargues in Southern France. The grapes are co-feremented in concrete. The vineyard is a stunning place where winemaker Thierry places a massive emphasis on soil diversity and health. It's good fruit he's after, and then a light touch in the cellar. The old vines benefit from a microclimate carried by the Vidourle river and the Aigoual massif. Thierry’s mission is only to manifest this beauty as authentically as possible, so he works totally naturally in the fields and in the cellar.

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