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2021 Vinos Pijoan Aniversari

2021 Vinos Pijoan Aniversari

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Deep purple, bright and intense character and very fruity. Profoundly aromatic. Blackberry, date pie, fig, chimney, dark chocolate, forest. Wine of intense fruitiness, bright acidity, characteristic of Zinfandel. Winter profile, with smoky notes from the fireplace and cold climates. Wet ground and rain.

Vinos Pijoan was born in 2002 from the hand of Pau Pijoan, a Mexican of Catalan origin that worked previously as a scientist.
This wine falls under his daughter, Silvana’s, solo project. Silvana is the youngest of the Pijoan family’s second gernation and released her first wine under her families labeled . In 2019, she started this solo project focusing on natural wine with no added SO2.


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