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2022 Jean-Pierre Robinot Opera des Vins ‘Fetembulles’ Sparkling White

2022 Jean-Pierre Robinot Opera des Vins ‘Fetembulles’ Sparkling White

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100% Chenin Blanc fermented in stainless steel

Lovely small frothy bubbles, green apple, honey, fresh bread with subtle but compelling notes of grapefruit and ginger.

After 12 years of running his natural wine bar, one of Paris' first, as well as his magazine, the internationally renowned "bible" of information on natural wine growers in France, Jean-Pierre decided that the only way to truly understand natural wine was to begin making it himself. In 2001, he started his own winery in Chahaignes, his native village in the Loire. He quickly began to acquire plots of land surrounding his home and planting vines of Pineau d'Aunis, Chenin Blanc and Gamay. Fermentation is a major focus and curiousity for Robinot, resulting in five different caves each holding wine in unique stages of the process.

The labels are frequently his or his daughter's paintings or manipulated photographs, and are always identifiable as Robinot’s.

Domaine de L'Ange Vin wines are made from grapes grown in his own vineyards

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