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Tabula Rasa NoHo

2022 Lauer Stirn

2022 Lauer Stirn

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tirn is located high up Ayler Kupp. Optimally oriented to the south and steep, the Riesling vines catch a maximum of sunrays here. The ground is littered with coarse slate stones and is shallow. The water flows rapidly down into the valley. The vines, therefore, have to be deeply rooted in the rock to give the old vines with their small berries extract. Elegant, almost weightless, with invigorating, cool minerality, Stirn is a great Saar site.

Peter Lauer focuses on dry and off-dry Rieslings that come from the Saar area of the Mosel Valley. The mineral on the palate along with the purity and focus is so clearly attibuted to the terroir. The grapes come from an intricate tapestry of parcels and sub-parcels - the majority from the hillside of Ayler Kupp.
Today, the estate is managed by Florian, Peter's son

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