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Alemar Cheese Co. 'Apricity' Alemar Cheese Co.

Alemar Cheese Co. 'Apricity' Alemar Cheese Co.

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Apricity—meaning “the warmth of the winter sun”—is Alemar’s newest cheese!

Small but mighty at only four ounces, Apricity is a fluffy, light, and delicate geo-rind lactic-set cheese, made from the same grass-fed cow’s milk as the rest of our cheeses. Think of it like a champagne in cheese form—light, airy, and crisp, but full of flavor and warmth. The buttery and tangy body of the cheese gives way to notes of tahini and fermented fruit. As it ages, the spreadable, fudgy texture of the cheese grows ever so slightly denser and develops a lovely cream line with a balanced barnyardy funk. The rind of the cheese is delicate and full of flavor, like a delightful little apple, and we encourage everyone to eat the it!. Unlike many soft-ripened cheeses, Apricity has no particular “ideal age” to eat it at. We find that both Apricity fresh out of the ripening room and a couple months old have their own unique character.

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