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Ati Manel Squids in Ink

Ati Manel Squids in Ink

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Meaty, lean, briny, and bold, these small pieces of squid in a flavorful, ink-infused sauce are an affordably delicious way to experience calamari at home.

After being harvested off the coast of Spain, the squid land in the storied town of Pontevedra, a village synonymous with quality conserva, where they are cut and canned entirely by hand. Their sauce (a mix of tomato, onion, spices, and of course squid ink) makes a perfect base for rice dishes like risotto or paella, but also goes gorgeously smeared on toast with a pile of these tender pieces laid on top.

TASTING: firm, sweet, briny, bold

PAIRING: Champagne, Gamay, fresh citrus

INGREDIENTS: Octopus, Sunflower Oil, Garlic, Salt

CAUGHT IN: Pontevedre, Galicia
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