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La Bru Maiz Azul

La Bru Maiz Azul

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Maiz Azul begins with carefully and responsibly sourced native blue corn from the Meseta Purepecha in Michoacan, Mexico. The people of this region, considered by many to be the origin of corn, continue to cultivate the native corn as they have for over 7000 years. Traditional “milpas”, a mixed crop plantation, are still maintained using ancestral methods. La Bru sources their corn from the Tierra Vivente collective, which works with generational producers to gain organic certification for their “milpas” and find market opportunities in which the value of their unique product is truly recognized. The vision of this product is to positively contribute to the preservation of Michoacan’s milpas by working closely with the farmers to create sustainable market opportunities for their native corn and share its exceptional flavors with the world.


Light, crisp, and refreshing with floral, corn meal flavors 

12oz | 4.5% ABV

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