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Leacock's Sercial 1969 Madeira

Leacock's Sercial 1969 Madeira

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The 1959 Sercial is a wonderful dry madeira with rancho flavours and almond notes and still a great acidity.

Leacocks Madeira is an historic Madeira company founded by John Leacock. Leacock worked as an apprentice at a Madeira merchant until March 1749. When his apprenticeship expired he started trading with an old school friend, John Patient, who was residing, at that time, in Charlestown, South Carolina and Leacocks Madeira was established. The company remained and importer Madeira company and passed through family hands until 1925 when Leacocks and Blandys amalgamated their interestes and joined the Madeira Wine Association, now the Madeira Wine Company, who also own Miles and Cossart Gordon Madeiras. Leacocks has been consistantly producing world renowned vintage Madeiras since 1760.

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