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NV Elvio Tintero Vino Rosso

NV Elvio Tintero Vino Rosso

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50% Barbera, 40% Dolcetto, 5% Nebbiolo, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon

This bottling comes from a specialist of Piemonte value, Marco Tintero, whose family has been making wine in the off-the-beaten-path town of Mango for over a century. Marco cultivates a wide variety of Piemontese grapes and shows his facility with them in this rosso, which consists of a slightly different blend every year depending on what the vintage yields. The perennial backbones of this cuvée, though, are Barbera and Dolcetto, two regional varieties that complement each other incredibly well. Barbera provides irresistible bite and mouthwatering acidity, while Dolcetto delivers generous fruit notes and joyfulness. Evoking brambly fruit, tobacco, and licorice, Tintero’s Rosso offers a perfect entry point to the charms of Piemonte.

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