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Tabula Rasa NoHo

Pueyo Galipette Pet-Nat NV

Pueyo Galipette Pet-Nat NV

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“Galipette”—a delicious pétillant naturel made from equal parts Semillon and Muscadelle, from the same vineyard just outside Semillon and Muscadelle from which the whites of his La Fleur Garderose label are produced. Following this most ancient method of producing sparkling wine, he puts the wine into bottle toward the end of its alcoholic fermentation with no additions whatsoever, allowing the natural yeasts to devour the remaining sugars and convert them into bubbles. Underneath the simple crown cap is an ebulliently bubbly, gently funky brew that tastes of lemongrass, Granny Smith apples, and white pepper—round but with great acidity, and with a deep connection to the underlying fruit that the best pet-nats convey viscerally.

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