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Most Champagne (90-95%) is made by large, corporate houses that source grapes from all over the Champagne region with the intention to make a "house" style that tastes the same year after year (like Subway or McDonalds). These are the brands you may recognize from the grocery store, from mass market advertising campaigns, or during après ski on the slopes of Aspen.

Grower Producer Champagne (or Grower Champagne) on the other hand is when one person/family runs the vineyard - growing and harvesting the grapes - and produces the wines with their own hands from start to finish. This allows the winemakers to show off particular vineyards or vineyard sites, expressing each terroir. This also means year to year the wine can taste different based on the weather and other growing conditions. 

We tend to enjoy these variations and look forward to what each vintage will hold!

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