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Tabula Rasa Noho

2021 Matyas Samuel Pet Nat

2021 Matyas Samuel Pet Nat

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100% Riesling from Strekov, Slovakia

A family estate located in the Strekov wine region in South Slovakia, just a few kilometers north from the river Danube. This region is Slovakia’s sunniest and warmest region, ensuring perfect conditions for winemaking. The founder and the owner of the winery is the Mátyás family whose history started generations ago with their great-grandfathers making wine at home. The Mátyás Family Estate, as a winery, was founded in 2003. In the first years, the winery had to buy the grapes from local vine-growers, but the desire to improve the quality of the grapes and wines led to the establishment of a twelve-hectare vineyard in 2008 and 2009 that has been certified organic since 2013.

Before the plantation of their vineyards, this land was cultivated as a crop-field for few decades, thus the effects of the erosion were significant, thinnifiing the upper layer of the soil, which makes the life of the plants a bit more difficult, but, on the other hand, it increases the mineral character of the wines, strengthening their terroir aspects, which is one of their main intentions. As a traditional winemaking method, most of their wines are fermented and aged in oak barrels, spending there the longest time available. 

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