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2022 Thibault Ducroux ‘En Roue Libre’ Gamay

2022 Thibault Ducroux ‘En Roue Libre’ Gamay

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Winemaker, Thibault Ducroux is the son of a Beaujolais grower. He recalls how quickly he became passionate while learning the basics of the trade in his father’s cellar. His desire to understand more about vine-growing led him to study a classical viticulture-enology course in the region, but the real game-changer came when he discovered the works of Jules Chauvet, the ingenious 20th-century research chemist, winemaker and négociant venerated as the father of the French natural wine movement.

This light-headed, fruity and crunchy Gamay is called En Roue Libre (“Freewheeling”) – a smart choice of name that honors both hands-off natural winemaking methods and Thibault’s love for cycling. (He even used to race in a club before dedicating himself to full-time winemaking, and the bike still remains a big weekend pleasure.)

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