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Baladin Farmhouse Blonde

Baladin Farmhouse Blonde

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A very versatile and flexible beer. It can be sipped with a burger, a good pizza, a plate of octopus and potato salad or ravioli, as well as with soft or medium-aged cheese. A beer that offers endless possibilities.

September 2011: the birthdate of Nazionale, the first 100% Italian craft beer, made with the barley malt produced in Melfi, hops from Cussanio (planted in 2008 in partnership with Tecnogranda and Cussano agricultural college), coriander, orange peel, and the yeast selected by Baladin in Italy. It is certainly a milestone in an important project that, over the years, sees Baladin striving for 100% Italianness.

Refreshing with farmhouse funk and a hoppy finish

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