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Controvento Primatraccia Rosato 2021

Controvento Primatraccia Rosato 2021

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Meaning “upwind” in Italian, Controvento is a 5 hectare vineyard in the Rocca San Giovanni region of Abruzzo just kilometers off the Adriatic Sea. Enzo’s farm, situated partially in a valley with the backdrop of the beautiful Adriatic in the distance, is a completely biological organically-run vineyard. Enzo once said that he wanted to make wines like his grandfather did, in the purest possible form. Enzo never fines, clarifies, filters, or uses and So2 and always allows for spontaneous fermentation. 60% Montepulciano, 15% Cabernet, 15% Trebbiano, 10% Fiano - rosado style with, richer red fruit and clean minerality!

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