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Fossa Sake Kasu Dark 73% (Limited Edition)

Fossa Sake Kasu Dark 73% (Limited Edition)

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Topped with two unique types of Sake Kasu, a byproduct of Sake production from craft brewers, this dark chocolate is fruity with subtle sake aroma.

At the start of every year, Fossa relaunches their seasonal sake kasu bars. This time, they've created something very special with artisan sake curator - KuroKura. Made with sake kasu sourced from two craft breweries, this is a delicious and beautiful dark chocolate to savor. The white kasu comes from the Moriki brewery, one of Japan’s smallest, where a husband-and-wife team brew amazingly complex sakes using home-grown organic Yamada Nishiki rice. The red kasu comes from the brewing of Inemankai, a one-of-a-kind sake by the Mukai brewery using a strain of red rice that grows in the master brewer’s hometown of Ine in rural Kyoto.

TASTING: sake aroma, umami, fruity, chewy sake kasu
CACAO ORIGIN: Unspecified

INGREDIENTS: cacao, sugar, sake kasu


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