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Tabula Rasa NoHo

Kojimaya Untitled 01 Cedar Barrel

Kojimaya Untitled 01 Cedar Barrel

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Differing from the norm of cedar barrel-aged sake, Untitled #01 Cedar Barrel Aged is unlocking new potential of what barrel-aged sake can be.

In the past, sake was stored and transported in cedar barrels. It also had a lower alcohol percentage than it does today. In this series, by layering the natural flavor of the cedar barrels on top of the lightness of Untitled #01, one can discover the charm of Japanese barrels.
This sake is the result of barreling our original recipe. In this sake, the cedar brings out a fascinating woody fragrance with notes of luxury fruits. All of the barrels that we use were prepared at the beginning of 2017 to produce a well rounded flavor and aroma.

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