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Matsuno Kotobuki Matsucup Futsushu 180ml

Matsuno Kotobuki Matsucup Futsushu 180ml

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This fresh, subtle Honjozo has a lovely nose of cantaloupe, leek, fresh clay and pear. With just a hint of sweetness, the palate is light bodied with alluring flavors of burnt caramel, chalk and marsh-mallow and a classic Honjozo clean, dry finish.

Matsui Shuzo
Nestled in a pine forest for which it is named, Matsui Shuzo is the oldest traditional sake brewery in central Kyoto. This small family owned brewery uses only local rice for its brewing. The toji, Motohiro Matsui, is also the owner, taking over from his father, running the company and responsible for all the brewing. He studied at Tokyo University and is a member of the Shimotsuke Brewer's Association. The water in Shioyamachi is soft, running through the mountains of pine forest surrounding the brewery for use in all production of sake. Unique to the brewing process is the blending of two yeast strains which is used to obtain a special flavor element within the sake.

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