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Pedro Ximenez Sherry Vinegar 750ML

Pedro Ximenez Sherry Vinegar 750ML

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To achieve truly excellent wine vinegar, one must start with truly excellent wine. Solera 77 prides itself on sourcing some of the best sherry wines in Europe for the creation of their Vinagre de Jerez. From Spain’s famous wine-making region of Andalucia, comes this exceptional sherry vinegar, made from Pedro Ximenez wine. Characterized by its complexity, it’s made from a sweet grape variety then aged in the traditional way using oak barrels. The result is a smooth yet aromatic flavor and a versatile vinegar well suited to a wide range of culinary applications. Ideal for every part of your meal, use this vinegar in dressings, on mild meats like duck or veal, and even on numerous desserts!

Consejo Regular del Vino y Brandy de Jerez, a Council that regulates the production of Jerez wine and brandy, also regulates the production of Sherry Vinegar. Sherry Vinegar must be aged in oak wood for a minimum of six months, must be made within a certain production area within the province of Cadiz, and must have at least 7 degrees of acidity. Protected by the designation of origin mandates, our Solera 77 Pedro Ximenez Sherry Wine Vinegar D.O.P., is required by European Union law to be produced using specific, time-tested methods that have been passed down for centuries; and must be created in the Cadiz region of Spain. Sherry Vinegar is one of only 3 vinegars in the world that share the DOP label, making it a very special condiment indeed.

Sherry vinegar plays a major role in the Mediterranean diet because of its excellent flavor and its wide range of possibilities. Be sure to always keep some on hand to enhance and brighten whatever dish you’re creating.

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