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Pomarina Brut Sidra

Pomarina Brut Sidra

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Pomarina is produced by the Cardin family from estate grown apples in the village of Villaviciosa, Asturias, Spain.

Out of 300 varieties grown locally, Pomarina is produced with 5 apple varieties that blended together exhibit the highest level of freshness and aromatic balance.

The Cardin family, have been crafting the art of fashioning cider since 1890. Pomarina is a premium cider produced with the finest selection of apples coming from 45ha owned and farmed by the Cardin family. Poma means apple in Latin, hence the name Pomarina. It is fermented at cool temperatures to preserve its aromatic components. After fermentation the cider remains with its lees for 2 months to enhanced its texture and flavor. After two months, Pomarina undergoes secondary fermentation in a pressurized tank to allow for the carbonation to be natural. Soon after this process of pressurized ageing Pomarina is bottled and then release for consumption.

The five varieties that are chosen to make Pomarina are as follows: De la Riega (medium Acidity), Raxao (late harvest apple, high in acidity), Verdialona (sweet), Regona (high acidity and tart) and Durona de Tresali (good acidity and medium tartness).

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