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Wild Arc Farms Spring Apples Cider Cans 2022

Wild Arc Farms Spring Apples Cider Cans 2022

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Todd and Crystal are lifetime New Yorkers, having been born in central New York and spending most of their adult lives in Brooklyn. After finding the farmhouse of their dreams on a former perennial nursery in the upstate New York town of Pine Bush, they gradually shifted to a full-time farming mode. The cool, wet climate of the area calls for resistant hybrid grapes like Traminette or Marquette and yields wines with distinct acidity

Making of: a couple of buckets of pears were macerated in the cider, then racked into neutral French oak 500L puncheons and left undisturbed for 6 months before canning.

Personality: bright and fruity cider flavors mingled with a deeper spicy oomph of the pears.

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